farm team

Our Story

We obtained this farm through a stroke of luck and have been trying to hold onto this beautiful riverside property since. The owner worked overseas for 15 years to fix the buildings and do the basic repairs so that she could come and be a farmer and live on the land! Pictured above is her 91+ mother who works the farm almost everyday.

Our Philosophy

We are a family owned and operated certified 30 acre organic farm. We are a "no kill" farm, so all of our animals live out their lives here without stress. We believe in living in harmony with the creatures and beings on our farm, and have formed mutually beneficial relationships. The owners are long time animal lovers and have doctored and cared for animals for 40+ (50+?) years.

Not Your Average Farm

big boss



World traveler and farmer. Owner of Good Earth Farms and Catmandu Retreats. Big Boss. Lover of life.



Business Manager

Levi undertakes more long-term projects, operations, planning and strategic thinking. He uses his master's degree most when cleaning stalls, to stay humble.



Assistant Farm Manager

Life expert. All around field hand and charmer. Shirley recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro but has not seen the Grand Canyon.



Office Manager

Raised in Oregon, the Middle East, South Asia and Japan (with summers on the farm),  Ryan is a well traveled farm Office Manager. He is always willing to chat and help.

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